Limosa declaration: building industry

A Limosa declaration is required for every self-employed worker who comes to Belgium to pursue temporarily or partially a self-employed activity in the building industry, but who does not reside permanently or is not settled in Belgium.

Which activities in the building industry are involved?

It concerns the following self-employed activities:

  • Any construction work concerning the building, the conversion work, the completion, the layout, the repair work, the maintenance work, the cleaning and the demolition of all or part of an immovable property by nature;
  • Any operation including the supply of a movable property as well as its placement in an immovable property so that this movable property becomes immovable by nature;
  • Other work:
    • Any operation which concerns the supply as well as the attachment to a building:
      • of all or part of the component parts of a central heating of air conditioning installation, including burners, tanks and regulating and controlling devices linked to the boiler or radiators;
      • of all or part of the component parts of a sanitary installation in buildings, and more generally, of all fixed devices for sanitary use linked to a water pipe or sewer pipe;
      • of all or part of the component parts of an electrical wiring in buildings, except for light fixtures and lamps;
      • of all or part of the component parts of an electric bell installation, a fire alarm system installation and a theft prevention system installation as well as an internal phone system installation;
      • of cupboards, sinks, sink cabinets, vanity units, cooker hoods, ventilators in a kitchen or a bathroom;
      • of shutters, louvered shutters and blinds fixed outside the building.
    • Any operation including the supply and the installation of wall or floor coverings in a building, whether or not it is attached to the building or its installation requires only a cutting (on the spot) on the basis of the measures of the area to cover;
    • Any fixing, installation, repair, maintenance and cleaning work for the above-mentioned properties;
    • Cleaning and maintenance work (cleaning and restoring a building, cleaning monuments and façades);
    • Activities in the Joint Committee on upholstery and woodworking, particularly:
      • The manufacture of wooden objects intended for the building industry. As fas as the main activity of the company consists in the manufacture of these objects and on the understanding that the working conditions, valid for the companies in the Joint Committee on building industry, apply to the workers who install above-mentioned wooden objects;
      • The manufacture of panels and parquet tiles, the manufacture of triplex, multiplex and wooden strip and the manufacture of high-quality wood panels
      • The manufacture (whatever technique is used), the rent and/or the installation of stands décor, stage set, festive décor or television set, stands;
      • The manufacture of objects made of cork or agglomerated cork;
      • The manufacture, the trade and the installation of mouldings;
      • The organization of stands, exhibitions, shows.
    • Activities in the Joint Committee on metal, mechanical and electrical construction, particularly:
      • The manufacture, handling, assembly of objects made of metal and non-ferrous metal such as the industrial metalworking and the craft metalworking. For some activities which fall within the scope of the definition of works of construction and which are not yet put into another Joint Committee.  
    • Activities in the Joint Subcommittee on electricians (closely related to the sector metal, mechanical and electrical construction), particularly: 
      • Installation and distribution, that is to say, the companies that, except for the companies which fall within the scope of the Joint Committee on metal, mechanical and electrical construction, the Joint Committee on building industry, the Joint Committee on garage industry, the Joint Committee on warehouses or the Joint Committee on large retail stores, deal mainly with:
        • The exclusive or main execution of electrical and electronic assembling and installing work, also on vehicles and vessels, for household, commercial, industrial or scientific use in the following main fields: lighting, driving power, heating, manufacturing equipment, transferring and converting low-, high- and very high-voltage current, telephony and signalling, combustion engines, radio, low-voltage current, telephony and telegraphy;
        • The wholesale trade (including the import-export) or retail trade in electrical and electronic devices, even if they process, complete, maintain, repair or install these devices, except for the devices that are specifically intended for motorized/non-motorized road vehicles, the electrical and electronic office machines;
        • The cable radio and the cable TV;
        • The installation and/or the repair of audio, visual, signalling and lighting equipment;
        • The installation of safety devices.

Some categories of posted self-employed workers are exempt from the mandatory Limosa declaration.