Request A1-certificate concerning the social security legislation for self-employed workers

The A1 certificate is a European portable document which certifies the social security legislation applicable to you when you pursue activities in several EU Member States. It includes:

  • the period for which the certificate is valid
  • the country in which you are subject to social security and where you pay social security contributions.

The A1 certificate is issued on request.

Who issues the A1 certificate?

The A1 certificate is issued by the competent body of the Member State whose legislation applies to you.  It confirms that the law of another Member State to which you are linked does not apply to you. And that you therefore do not have to pay social security contributions in this other Member State.

In Belgium, the NISSE's International department issues A1 certificates to self-employed workers.

How to apply for the A1 certificate?

Apply for the A1 certificate online (every day between 3 o'clock and 24 o'clock)

Are you registered with a Belgian social security fund?
Did you pay all your social contributions?
Is additional examination necessary?

We will send you by email, within an average of 4 working days, the A1 certificate which confirms that the Belgian social status remains applicable.

How long is the A1 certificate valid for?

The A1 certificate remains valid until the end date indicated in the document or until it is withdrawn by the body which issued it. 

More information?

Mail to 

Call +32 2 546 60 10


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